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David Fitch on how to embrace the presence of Jesus and shape our communities for mission
In the early aughts, when he was barely in his thirties, Rob Bell was a star. Bell, a pastor, was the founder of the evangelical Mars Hill Bible Church, in West Michigan.
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(RNS) Hope, by nature, is defiant, counterintuitive and lodged in surprising places. So a new report detailing the spiritual, demographic and financial challenges faced by small religious congregations meant little to the Rev. Robin Bartlett. She plants her hopes for First Church in Sterling, Mass., on firmer ground.
Discover a whole new way to grow alongside experienced guides with a different vision of success. It's more about neighborhood than numbers, more about collaboration than competition, and more about presence than programs.

Some evangelicals question whether they have overlooked the rural church

In recent decades, white evangelical leaders made the American city their mission field. If you wanted to change hearts and minds, you had to go to cultural centers of power, such as New York City or Washington, where the population was growing.
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